Armors are just as essential as weapons are, maybe even more so! The armor you wear defines who you are, and what your play style may be. You may like to run around in a full clad of plate armor, or be a ranger type class, wearing the lightest armor you can find. Perhaps you may not like to wear clothes at all, revealing your massive Schlong to the mostly underage Public! Whatever the case may be, here is a guide to creating an armor page. Be sure to add a photo. If you can't, add a placeholder so others can fill in the blank.

Guide to creating an armor pageEdit

  • Is it a set?
    2013-08-06 00005
  • Armor Piece (e.g. feet / hands)
  • True Face Value
  • Weight
  • How much protection? (e.g. +30 body armor)

See AlsoEdit

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